Realtors Making A Great Impression With Their Business Cards


By: Stacey Valnes Santa Monica’s top Realtor

In today’s wave of smart phones and online address books, there’s good news and bad news for your business cards.

The bad news is that people (clients, coworkers, you) are lazier than ever when it comes to getting information — even the ever-so-important contact information that’s printed on your business card. Yes, that’s right; you could be losing clients for the sheer fact that you’re number isn’t pre-printed into their cell phone.

The good news is that your competitors’ business cards are as good as gum wrappers, too. Now, you’re probably wondering, “How am I supposed to take advantage of that fact?”

Well, the time has come for you to reinvent your business card, and it’s going to take more than some fancy fonts and card stock to do it. You’re going to have to turn technology to work for you, not against you. This is where QR (Quick Response) Codes can really work for you.

So what’s a QR Code? You can read more about them here, but the short version is that they’re two-dimensional bar codes, which allow for high speed download of information. They can be scanned with camera and smart phones to quickly retrieve information…for example the contact information that you typically find on the front of a business card.

Imagine that: with the flash of a camera, potential clients can save your contact info to their phones for fast, easy retrieval. There’s no fumbling to enter the number with a touch pad, no forgetting to save, no accidental trips through the spin cycle of their washing machine; your info goes directly into their phone book.

And when it comes to making the call to sell their home or to check out a new property on the market, which number are they going to call? Yours, which is already saved to their phone through a simple QR Code? Or your competitor’s, which is still on the business card in the bottom of their kitchen drawer?

Try it out for yourself!

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