Reliability..Are You Reliable?

Reliability.  Such a beautiful word with so little weight here in La La land.  Defined by the dictionary, reliability means “–adjective that may be relied on; dependable in achievement, accuracy,honesty, etc.: reliable information.”  Does this not sound like the perfect description for the perfect realtor?  When potential clients go searching for someone to sell or buy a home with, they are most assuredly looking for someone who can be relied upon, who is dependable in achievement, and possess the skill of accuracy and honesty.  However, in this business of slick salespeople and the goal of high volumes, finding someone who meets all this criteria may be hard to come by.

Let’s not kid ourselves, we in real estate are salespeople, we work on commission, and we tend to look at the bottom line.  This is in no way a negative thing, as long as we keep our integrity in tact at all times!  Sometimes this is difficult to do when numbers get really big and paydays even bigger, giving credence to that old adage “money is the root of all evil”.  We can easily forget that we are working for the best interests of our clients, not ourselves.  Our eyes turn green with money lust and there goes that reliability right down the toilet in swirling fashion.  As real estate agents, we must always stand vigilant in our pursuit of being honest, trustworthy, and reliable.

Real estate is a name game and outstanding referrals from past clients means the world to your business.  To ensure you get those great referrals, remember to pull your dictionary out and memorize the meaning of ‘reliability’ before you go on appointments.  Your clients are expecting you to be dependable in achievement, accurate, honest, and trustworthy.  They need to know and see that you will do what you say you’re going to do.  One of my personal favorite sayings is “say less and do more”, meaning don’t talk about it, be about it.  So what if you promise a seller you can sell their as is house for $1.5 million and it ends up selling for $799,000?  What service did you even provide the poor person?  Yes, I realize, some clients want to hear a number so badly that they won’t listen to reason or look at the facts, and this may be the time you actually pass on the listing.  WHAT?!  Pass on a listing?!  Sounds crazy?  Well, it’s crazier to accept a listing where your accuracy is going to be compromised, because that’s a huge part of your reputation.  I have had more than one experience walking away from a listing because of debate over listing price and in the long run, the sellers actually come back to find me because their property never sold and they’re finally ready to do it the right way.  My accuracy is the heart of my business, and a great marketing point for me.  One that I can back up 100%.


If you’re not accurate, you can’t be dependable for achievement and this is a huge loss for your business.  If you’re not honest, people may trust you at first, but sooner or later you’ll be found out and referrals will wither away, leaving you to try and repair you damaged reputation.  Good luck in an industry like real estate, where agents are a dime a dozen.  I know many agents who actually take pride in “BSing” their clients and that’s a bit disturbing.  Be better than that.  These agents never last long because it’s only a matter of time before their manufactured charm runs out and they’re left with their hollow shell of a “business ethic”.


Look, it’s not easy to be reliable all the time, but no one ever said this was an easy business.  Some people get into real estate thinking they’ll be rolling in the dough in no time, only to be rudely awakened by the grinding industry it really is.  The ones who make it to the top are there for a reason: they’re reliable.  They get things done.  They do it in a timely efficient manner and with the utmost integrity.  Be a top producer.  Don’t let the dollar bills blur your vision, stay vigilant and focused on the bigger picture: building a business that will last as long as you need it to.



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