Selling Your Home This Year?

As we are moving into winter, take into consideration some tips for selling homes in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Take advantage of the season, as the hustle and bustle of the holidays winds down and people are taking on new projects. Many parents begin their house hunting just after Christmas, hoping to find a property in time for their kids to start school in district. January can be a key time for sellers.

Keep in mind that the market is competitive, and don’t overprice. List your property at what it’s worth from the beginning, with a figure that is comparable to similar homes in the area. Mention it in your ad that the property you are selling is not a foreclosure, as all of that extra paperwork can be daunting to buyers.

Lastly, set up your home to make a great first impression. Have a home inspection and learn as much as you can about the property, from monthly utility costs to any remodeling, so that you are ready to answer any buyer questions. Keep the home free of clutter and available for viewing at all times. New paint and shifting around furniture can do wonders. Stay flexible about visits, keeping everything ready to show off at a moment’s notice – You never know when a potential buyer will be in the neighborhood and want to drop in.

Maximize your home’s earning potential and enjoy a smooth selling experience with Stacey Valnes and Sunset Park Realtors, the experts in selling property in Southern California.


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