The Ins and Outs of Staging

Ah, the importance of staging a property.  We have a big listing coming up, which we are very excited about, and are currently in the process of getting bids from different staging companies.  This is quite the task!  Meeting with different stagers is a bit like dating in that if one hasn’t met them before, one doesn’t know what to really expect as far as tastes, qualities, and opinions go.  The company I met with today sent over a very nice representative, but almost immediately (much like first date), I knew she wasn’t right for the house.  The company nor she could really fit our needs, yet we had to get through the entire house (groan) and I had to at least give her a chance to prove me wrong.  She didn’t, but all is fair in love and war, right?

Staging a property correctly can mean the difference of a lot of money.  Most people on the market to buy a home have trouble visualizing the hidden magnificence of a blank wall.  They also have trouble imagining a gorgeous dining room table in place of the dinky one the current residents have.  Our current project is a fabulous house with an enormous and breathtaking back yard.  The couple has two children, two businesses, and actually built this house themselves; they are legitimate “owner/builders”.  You can imagine the stress they’ve been through getting their home built, furnished, and decorated.  By the time it came to relatively small details, like sofas and rugs, they were spent.  With their life and family to run, furnishing to Arcithectual Digest standards did not make the to-do list.  However, when selling a great home like this, one must make it a priority to get that house up to par and blow the minds of buyers.  When track home developments go up, the models are always impeccably furnished and decorated in a way that makes the buyer think “I have to live here, this is so me.”  The same can go for any property.

This comes back to choosing the right staging company to do the job.  If you’re staging a modern, make sure the company you work with has a big inventory of current modern trends.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with making the house look like the pages of a glossy magazine: pristine, finished, and desirable.  Personally, I like to stay away from companies that use “stock furnishing” which means sort of bland furnishings that neither inspire nor impress most people.  I tend to go with bolder statements and companies that like to make them.  I love art, as most Los Angelinos do, and showcasing a fabulous house with fabulous art is a recipe for success.  Also, the mere fact of knowing the style and tone of the property you’re selling as well as who you’re selling to is a huge factor in how you choose to stage the property.  The staging company can supply all the necessary furnishings to complete the project, but real estate agents should be expected to stay on top of current trends and styles to help direct the stagers and clients into a direction that is most likely to sell.  Know your home fashion people!


Now get out there and sell some property!


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