No Team, No Location But We Got A Name! Football Real Estate

Since Super Bowl is over it got me thinking on what is going on with the rumor to build a football stadium and bring a Pro Football team back to Los Angeles.

The funny thing about this is we don’t have a location yet and we don’t have a team but..Farmers Insurance and AEG, announced a $700 million naming-rights deal for a new professional football stadium, which would be aptly named “Farmers Field.” If all goes according to plan, this field of dreams for many football-starved fans in Los Angeles will be ready for the 2015 NFL season, and may be the host stadium for Super Bowl L, or Super Bowl Los Angeles, in 2016. There is no question that if they build it the people will come. It is now up to city and state officials to help pave the way with new parking structures and transportation channels in and out of downtown, as well as help fund the construction of the stadium with city-backed bonds totaling $350 million, by AEG’s estimates. The proposed 64,000-seat sports arena with retractable roof will accommodate various sporting and entertainment events, and will buttress the existing Convention Center. Renovation plans would allow access between the two structures. The Los Angeles Times reported that the sponsor-deal with Farmers would guarantee 50 events per year with at least 40,000 people per event.

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