Santa Monica Real Estate Branding


What should I write about today?  Hmmm, I know, the dilemma our company has been dealing with as of late: branding and marketing.  Sunset Park Realtor’s, logo, and website have been around for five years, however, we wanted to update our whole look to better suit who we are and what we stand for.  Essentially, we have wanted to re-brand ourselves.  As with most things in life, we soon discovered, this is easier said than done.

First, we have to hammer out who we are as a company and our objective.  Kind of like a resume except on a much broader level.  Okay, so we know we are a company with a strong foundation and hard work ethic.  We always want to come from a place of service as opposed to a greediness that tends to get in the way of ethics.  Check one item off the list.  Next, to find a website designer and employee who specializes in the world of online marketing, i.e., social networking.  Righty-O, so we actually get a God shot and find our online marketing girl quite easily and absolutely love her, however, the website designer is a different story.

Right off the bat, we choose someone we like on an emotional level (never a good idea) and fail to follow up with a couple of other designers that were actually much more qualified for the job.  Lesson number one: never work off sole emotion and always consult with more than one company.  Surprising, because I usually live by the “always interview 3” motto.  Well, not this time and to my and my partner’s chagrin.  So we choose the least experienced person we possibly could and pay the price (literally) for it.  We way overpaid and the logos sent to us leave more than a little to be desired.  Lesson number two: never pay too much up front and take the incentive out of working hard for your buck.

Within the first few weeks of still being in the rather pathetic logo phase, we realize quite quickly that we have made a mistake and we need to rectify this situation as soon as possible.  Thankfully, the web designer we chose has a good heart and was never ill-intended and I think he knew he was way in over his head, so he refunds our money and we go our separate ways.  God bless his heart, he did try, but in this business, we needed quick turn-around and have no time to be a practice court for an up and coming anything.

Alright, back to square one, or is it two?  In any case, starting over in a sense, and this time we’re gonna do it right.  We interview and we decided on the best company for the job, which this time, truly is the best choice for our company.  Now we’re amped up again.  We’re back in the first phase, trying to bang out a logo, but this time the experience our web company has gives us peace of mind and the uneasy feeling of stress is diminished.

So, lessons learned?  Well, when you’re trying to re-brand your company, get a good sense of direction as to where you want to go with it.  Hire people accordingly.  It’s always good to have more than one brain to work out these issues of marketing and advertising, so choose wisely the brains you want to represent you and your company.

Will let you know more when more turns out.

To be continued…

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