The Power Of A Hanger

Ask yourself…

Do you ever go to the dry cleaner?

What type of people go to the dry cleaner?

What would be the best marketing face to face tool for Real Estate?

Give up?…

The AMAZING drum roll……


Ok I’m acting a little bit to0 excited, (btw this is Jenny, Sunset Park Realtors‘ Online Marketing Girl). After having an interesting conversation with a laundry supply firm they asked me? ‘What is the power of a hanger?’ and I said..’To hang your clothes’. ‘WRONG’ he replied.

For all of us who work in the real estate field, we think of advertising on bus benches, cars, buses, which can add up$$$. But think of branding your logo on a simple eco friendly hanger. Everytime someone gets their laundry dry cleaned they have your brand right in front of their face. Not only is it any hanger it’s a hanger that is bio-degradable and sturdy enough the customer will want to keep in their closet.

Now your brand is a house hold name..get my point? So I thought I would share to you The Hanger and how it is a powerful tool!

So if your trying to sell your home in Santa Monica, West LA don’t forget to call us: Sunset Park Realtors

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